Parents and Students

WELCOME!!! Your dance season runs almost like a school year... September through June. Tuition can be paid yearly at the first class with a 5% discount or on a monthly basis. Monthly payments should be made the first class of each month, NO EXCEPTIONS!!! We do not charge on a weekly basis, tuition is paid yearly or monthly. A $5.00 charge will be added to all payments that are not made on the day of your child's first class. Thank you in advance for your consideration on our payment policy.

DANCEWEAR IS ESSENTIAL IN ALL CLASSES!!! T-shirts cannot be worn during class. Hair should be worn up off of neck and away from face. Please remember that gum chewing is not allowed! All dancers must arrive on time for class. A proper warm-up is essential for all dancers. Tardiness will only be excused three times.

Dress Code:

  • Ballet: black leotard, pink tights and pink split sole ballet shoes.

  • Beginners Tap: leotard and tights (any color) and tap shoes (black or tan).

  • Intermediate/Advanced Tap: leotard and tights (any color) and tap shoes (black or tan).

  • Jazz/Hip-Hop: leotard and tights (any color) and jazz pants or shorts. Soft jazz shoe or hip-hop sneakers.

  • Combination: black leotard and pink tights, pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes.


Classes Offered

  • Ballet Class

  • Ballet class combines grace, beauty, and discipline. Students master their ballet posture, training at the barre and technique across the floor. Students will improve their physique, balance, and poise.

  • Tap Class

  • Tap develops better coordination, rhythm and timing. This type of dance focuses on strengthening the feet and legs. Concentrating on sound is the key to mastering tap dance.

  • Tap/Ballet Combo Class

  • Our Combo class is designed for the beginning dancer. These students will learn basic dance and more curriculum. The Tap portion will concentrate on basic sounds and body awareness. Ballet will include upper and lower body movement, the five basic ballet positions, and rhythm along with many other techniques.

  • Jazz/Hip-Hop Combo Class

  • Following popular music trends, our dance course focuses on the pure enjoyment for the students. With its distinctive style, this dance class also incorporates isolation and stretching exercises to enhance students physical fitness.

  • Cheer Class

  • We will focus on the fundamentals of cheerleading. We will teach the basic arm motions, jumps and teambuilding skills for your child to grow into the best cheerleader they can be. There are 2 groups available for this class. The first group is for ages 3-7 and the second group is for ages 8-12.

  • Lyrical

  • **New** Zumba

  • **New** Purple Horse Pilates and Meditative Drumming is now offering classes at Definition Dance!

  • Please call 727-389-5962 for more information or visit our website:

    Pilates is a safe and sensible exercise system that will help you look and feel your very best. Emphasizing core conditioning with body awareness, Pilates offers a highly effective way to stretch, strengthen, and streamline your body without building bulk or stressing your joints. No matter what your age or condition, you'll end up looking toned, feeling revitalized, and moving with greater ease!

    Meditative drumming is a calming practice that involves the use of drum sticks and a quiet rubber pad to focus attention on posture, breathing, and rhythmic patterns. The goal is to increase mind-body awareness using music in an enjoyable and engaging way that is accessible to adults of all ages and skill levels. No prior musical or meditation experience is required. As a fun side benefit, you might even learn to play drums! Our main purpose, though, is to increase your awareness of sound, rhythm, and physical movement in order to help you enhance and integrate your senses of hearing, coordination, and balance.